Breast Cancer; It’s Not The End

Breast cancer is the most feared diagnosis for women. It is true that it is considered to be the second most common cause of death in women worldwide but latest developments in the field of medical technology has provided us with a variety of treatment options like surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy. But now it’s high time that we realize that these can only be helpful with best outcomes with early detection.

In underdeveloped countries like Pakistan where we are already surrounded with enormous problems with budget restrictions, low literacy rate, poverty, lack of facilities, poor hygienic condition and lack of trained health care staff; the decrease in death rate has only been possible through prevention, early detection and better strategies for therapy management. For the purpose of early detection of cancer the easiest way is to spread awareness regarding early signs and symptoms. 

Women should clearly understand that it is not just about having a disease in ages older than 40, now the cases are being reported in young women. Also, whether you have any history of cancer in your family or not you must not ignore any changes in your breast which include skin thickening, lump in breast or armpit, irritation or dimpling of breast skin, pulling, pain, redness or flaky skin around the nipple area, nipple discharge other than milk including blood. Learn how to self-examine your breast and do it on regular intervals. Moreover, participate in breast cancer screening programs for early diagnosis.

On the other hand, keep a check on your lifestyle factors including good physical activity, a check on your weight, tobacco or alcohol use. Keeping your self-tuned with good physical activity surely keeps you safe from other diseases which provide pathways for cancers and boosts your immune system. All these can reduce your risk for getting breast cancer.

Above all, just remember, you can secure yourself through simple steps of prevention and early detection and have faith because it’s NOT a death warrant.

Spread Awareness to Fight and Save lives.



Dr Saima Asif

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