Society Needs a Health Coach

 DigiPill wishes to incorporate Pharmacists as one touch health consultants to their patient’s.

Pakistan is an underdeveloped country and we are still far away from many technological concepts like artificial intelligence based home assistant functions though the West has already adopted them in their regular life. But still we can consider education a gateway for a constructive establishment of a healthy society and even being alone we can independently promote positive behavioural approach in our society for a good cause because we are globally interconnected and we just need to have a vision or idea to bring positivist in the society.

DigiPill is a pharmacist based platform going to adopt many technological functions to make liaison between health systems and technology and make a life easier and comfortable to every person who has a mobile or computer. As a pharmacist team we know pharmacists need opportunities to work for the healthcare system and patients need good guidance and support.We are wishing to make a pharmacist friendly community who can easily be accessed by a registered health professional that is pharmacist for any problem related to health and medicines.

DigiPill is launching its e-commerce store with a USP of free pharmacist consultation for every prescription to it’s patient and letting them be well aware about their wellness and use of the medicine.There is a slight change in health behaviour like a healthy diet plan, regular exercise and medication management with precautionary measures can coach a person to have good healthy life. So we can term a pharmacist can be a health coach or health consultant to our society.

Following the definition of a health coach who can manage disease of a patient and work to prevent health risk, we aim to make pharmacists such competent by practice and with regular interactions with customers through DigiPill online pharmacy services. We believe health coaching is a patient’s centred health promotion service. We, being a community pharmacist can be competent to be a health service consultant and perform health promotion roles to improve patients management for various health conditions.

DigiPill Pharmacist will educate the community about the medicine and their proper usage, spread the awareness about relevant problems and underlying symptoms, and provide information to take precautionary measures in case of emergency and adverse conditions.

We hope to have a good structured pharmacy online servicing system other than traditional e-commerce business. That’s why we are starting with “Let us take care of your prescription”.

Pharmacist Health Coach

Rph Amat ul Aziz

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