Picture of Losanta Tab

Losanta Tab

This medicine is an antihypertensive drug, prescribed to treat high blood pressure and reduce the burden on the heart muscles. It is also indicated for diabteic nephropathy in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2.

Picture of Macrobac


This medicine is used to treat bacterial infections, including ear infection (otitis media), community acquired pneumonia, pharyngitis, tonsilitis, skin & soft tissue infections, and cat scratch disease.

Picture of Meteor Tab

Meteor Tab

This medication is prescribed to patients suffering with diabetes mellitus type 2, often with other medications to control the blood glucose levels, along with proper diet and physical activity program. It is also used in weight loss regimens and for treating PCOS.

Picture of Neomercazole


It is used in the treatment of thyrotoxicosis that occurs during hyperthyroidism.

Picture of Prostatin


It is prescribed to reduce the levels of cholesterol in blood. It works by decreasing the amount of cholesterol produced by the liver which prevents the deposition and narrowing of walls of the vessels.

Picture of Qutyl Tab

Qutyl Tab

It is an atypical antipsychotic, used to treat various mental & mood condition, like schizophrenia, mania, bipolar disorder, and depression.